Monthly Training Plans

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*Kali's results after 3 months on the Fat Loss Program

*Kali's results after 3 months on the Fat Loss Program

Get new workouts each month for Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, and Injury Recovery & Prevention.

ProCoach workouts are science-backed with proven results with thousands of clients. Created by exercise physiology experts, these safe, effective, and affordable programs can be modified for every fitness level and every goal. Whether you want to build muscle in the gym, use minimal equipment at home, or fit in a quick sweat with your busy schedule, there is an option for each day. 

Each program has 12 phases, one for each month of the year. With each phase, you'll get new strength, cardio, flexibility, and recovery recommendations in a detailed plan to beat plateaus and continue to see dramatic, yet sustainable changes. 

You can take your workouts with you anywhere using a smart phone or tablet, or print them out at home. Each movement will include a picture, video, and modifications for easy, moderate, or high-intensity. You get to decide how difficult or challenging you want your workout to be, each day. 

Using the most up-to-date, science-proven methods and Kali's 10 years of expertise, support, and knowledge, your program will give you functionality, mobility, longevity, and the highest quality and standard of movement for the very best results. 

The Different Programs:

  • Fat Loss
  • Muscle gain
  • Post-injury (acute and chronic lower and upper body)
  • Lower Back Pain (acute and chronic)
  • Getting started for general health and well-being
  • Advanced/Intermediate Athletic Performance

What you get:

  • Customizable Monthly Workouts (mobile-optimized website with pictures/videos)
  • At-home, Gym-based, or Quick options available each day
  • Custom Nutrition Guide with food portion recommendations ($99 value)
  • Monthly Progress Checks with Pictures/ Measurements
  • 24/7 Accountability, Support, and Guidance from your coach

The Cost:

  • Monthly: $49
  • 3-Months: $120 (Save $27)

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