Fitness Coaching & Workout Plans

Take out the guess-work


Above are my results after 12 weeks of using the “Fat Loss” routine.

Monthly Workout Plans

  • Know exactly what to do every day of the month.

  • For strength and fat loss.

  • Work at YOUR level.

  • Get the accountability, support, and mentorship from me as your personal trainer.

Pick your Routine:

  • Fat Loss

  • Muscle gain

  • Post-rehabilitation

Here's what you'll get:

  • A Monthly Workout Program that keeps you engaged

  • Videos and Pictures for every workout so you can ensure proper form

  • At-home, Gym-based, or Quick workout options available each day

  • Cardio + Weights + Core Strength/Stability in every workout plan

  • Recovery and Mobility built into every plan

  • 24/7 Accountability, Support, and Guidance from your coach (with coaching package)

The Cost:

  • MonthlyWorkout Plan - $20/month

  • Monthly Workout Plan + Coaching (unlimited email support, check-ins)- $60/month


Should I add in the coaching?

If you have never done a strength-based workout program before, need help with staying consistent, and want the weekly support of a professional, then Yes! Go for the coaching option. Clients that have the accountability from me as their coach often get better results during the 12-weeks. If you are already going to the gym 3-5 days per week right now and you are a "self-starter", the workout only option should be fine. 

Do I need a gym for these workout programs?

No. You can get started with just a few free weights and/or resistance bands at home. Each workout can be modified for an "At-home" or "Gym-based" version that day. Let's say you're traveling at the hotel gym has limited equipment or no gym at all, you can choose to do the at-home version with minimal equipment. There is also the option of a quick gym or at-home version if you're short on time and need to fit in a workout with a busier schedule. This is also a good option if you're just getting started and want to ease into the workouts.

How long do the workouts take and how many days per week are they?

Depending on your level and the program you select, the strength-based workouts will be 3-4 days per week for 20-60 minutes. The more advanced programs require longer periods of time in the later phases (usually closer to 60 minutes). 

There is also the option for and "active recovery" so that your body can repair and rebuild while you stay moving. Most active recovery days suggest 20 minutes minimum. Most people choose to walk, go outside and bike, swim, do yoga, or play a sport on these days. There are 2-3 active recovery days in each program. 

Do the workouts change?

Each new phase of your workout program will build on itself, providing your muscles, joints, and body both the stimulus it needs to get stronger and leaner, but also the repair and recovery it needs to stay injury and sickness-free. The workouts have also been tested to be sustainable for the entire year. So instead of starting something and quitting 12 weeks later, your body and mind will be ready for the next phase. 

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