Consistency > Perfection

The very first action I teach my clients is: MAKE TIME⏱ 

🔹 Make time for exercise

🔹 Make time for meals 🥙

🔹 Make time to chill

🔹 Make time for you

We literally get their calendar out and block out when they're going to the gym or on a hike when they are going to grocery shop🥒 and cook or order food online, and make time to chill and do what they need to feel recharged⚡️

⭐️ CONSISTENCY starts with making the TIME for your values, priorities, and your goals ⭐️

Today: Pick one aspect that you want to make time for (even if it is just 10 minutes, one day) and put it in your calendar for the week ahead! You got this! you're worth it!

 I hope this helps! As always feel free to ask any questions! - Kali