Emotional Overeating and Sustainable Results

"The TRUTH: sustainable change is founded on creating new habits."


When I first started working as a personal trainer in 2008 I lost 40 pounds in a summer. Everyone wanted to know what I did. Everyone wanted to know "the secret". But what I didn't want to tell everyone is that I was barely eating and running everyday. This wasn't sustainable and I eventually injured myself. I started to gain the weight back. 

How do some people make fitness look so effortless?

I was frustrated and wanted to give up. 

But I also wanted to know the truth. How can I break the cycle of being overweight?

I wanted to go deeper than the magazines and the plethora of diets (of which I have tried many). I wanted to know what was actually going to work. What was going to help me be lean, healthy, and develop a better relationship with food?

I really wanted to know how to be happy.

One year difference after adopting a habit-based approach in 2015.

One year difference after adopting a habit-based approach in 2015.


I kept making the same mistakes: 

Feel bad about myself and my body >

Diet >

Lose weight >

Feel overwhelmed >

Overeat >

Gain weight >

Feel bad about myself and my body >



To get answers, I knew that I needed to get to the root of what was causing me to binge eat. I tried, for years, to figure this out on my own. But I was broken. I knew I couldn't do it by myself. I found a therapist that fit with my schedule using an app called TalkSpace. 

With professional help, I was able to peel away the layers, suppressed by years of overeating, elucidating the reasons I turned to food in the first place.

The food was not the problem. Self-doubt and the fear of not being good-enough were the real issues driving me to compulsively overeat. The food was just the temporary remedy helping me to feel numb. 

But I kept meditating, sharing the dark stuff that gnawed at me, and working at saying yes to more things that scared me.

Once I started finding the triggers and becoming more mindful of the actions that followed, I was able to begin to change my habits with food. 

I'm not perfect. I have to work hard to show self-love. I still have bad days, but those days are fewer and farther apart. 


During the process, I became a certified nutrition coach. I figured that since I had used science-based resources to build my exercise programs, why not do the same for nutrition?

And in going deep into the realms of the Kreb Cycle and glucose metabolism, it became evident that knowing is different than practicing. 

Changing the way you eat means that you need to change the way you live. Coaching is more than knowing biochemical reactions. Helping someone to achieve their goals through diet modification is based on changing their daily habits.

I'll repeat:

The TRUTH: sustainable change is founded on creating new habits. 


It started with me changing my habits first. 

It wasn't fast, but I was seeing results every month, feeling healthier, and becoming less obsessed. 

My mindset and my body slowly changed with my moment to moment decisions. 

The deeply ingrained patterns were shifting and my brain was developing new feedback loops, a new way of living.

While I still feel like I have a long way to go, I now feel like I know how to live a happy and healthy life. That feeling is invaluable to someone who has been on the diet-wagon most of her life. 


Helping other people break free from the dieting cycle now gives my life purpose and reason. My goal is to be there for others, as their coach, to help during the inevitable ups and downs while they too change their habits and create the life they've dreamed of living.

If you're ready to develop a healthier relationship with food, get stronger and leaner, and make lasting changes, I'm here to help.

With Love,