Why do I coach?

Photo courtesy of: Outside Magazine

Photo courtesy of: Outside Magazine

I want to be better. I want to help people reach their goals and live happier lives. To do this, I read and study and try new things. I never want to stop learning. A recent series of questions came up in the nutrition coaching master class I started: 

1) What is a coach?

- Helps guide you towards your fitness and nutrition goals

- Helps you create and execute a plan

- Helps keep you on track when life happens

- Continues to learn and synthesize information to make it easier for the busy client to access knowledge and information

- Sets an example through their actions

2) Why do you want to be a coach?

- To help people create healthy, thriving bodies so that they can pursue their goals and dream, eventually leading to greater happiness for that individual.

- Because it brings me satisfaction. It is my dharma, or that which guides me to greater Self-realization. In other words, helping others live healthfully feels like my purpose.

- To help people overcome physical and mental limitations about their health and fitness.

3) What does it feel like to be coached by you?

- I am going to ask my clients, but my hope is that they feel understood, supported, confident in my knowledge and plan for them, and happy to be around me! My hope is that they feel like they have developed a relationship with someone who deeply cares about their wellbeing. 

4) How do you define and measure success?

- When clients text, email, or call me to say that they have hit their weight loss goal, were able to do seemingly impossible physical feats like heli-ski down a mountain or win a surf contest, or say that they feel happier and more in control of their life.

- When clients no longer feel limited by their body and pursue the deeper aspects of their lives. This is usually confirmed verbally and through their actions.

- When new moms have healthy babies and easier recoveries from childbirth and thank me (as if I was the one that fed them salmon and did their lunges!)