12-week Strength Coaching Program

No cookie-cutter plans here.

Ok, this is not me (obvi). But it is on my vision board to trail run in the dolomites. Why does this matter to you? Because you need a vision to know where you’re going.

What are you training for?


Ok, this is me. (Well my rear, but I promise it’s me). I wanted to change. I wrote up a plan for myself. I stuck to it. I felt strong. I actually did pull-ups (even without the band!). It doesn’t take long to feel better about your self, true story.

Coach. Mentor. Trainer. Friend. Therapist (ok not even close. Those guys have doctorates for peet’s sake).

But I do deeply care about you, your health, and moving in ways that feel good to you.

What do you want to accomplish in this one, beautiful life? What do you need your body to do for you? What do you wish it could do for you?

Pick your destination (it doesn’t have to been on some crazy run in Italy like mine). It can be getting your abs back online after your second kid, or adding in some weights to tone up (ok, I don’t love the expression “tone up”, but it really paints the picture. Long and lean, right?)

Let me do all the techy stuff. I’m the nerd that reads research for funsies. Seriously. I have pubmed up in my browser right now. I LIKE to make sure the plan is intelligent for YOUR body. I’ll do the assessments with you on skype or factime, write up your custom plan, we chit-chat to make sure it’s perfect, you get the results. It’s that easy.

Dani Burt- Adaptive Surfing Champion. This girl is LEGIT.  A true inspiration .  Check out her story here.

Dani Burt- Adaptive Surfing Champion. This girl is LEGIT. A true inspiration. Check out her story here.

I came to Kali to create a lean, toned physique. She is the first trainer since having my children who has helped me reach that goal.
— Camille







12-Week Fully Customized Program with Coaching $275